The Foodhunter new TV episodes

So I spent a month in Vietnam and a month in India, with some weeks in Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China.

I learned of many new foods, cooking styles and met some great and clever people along the way.

Sooo you all should look for the upcoming programs on SWR/ARTE, playing in Germany, France, and Italy. The first airings will be September 3- 7, 2007, 8:15pm.

I did enjoy more streets and the south in Thailand, also, this time out in wild Southern Laos, the super rich far South Vietnam, the colorful saffron fields of Kashmir and, of course more hot chefs In Hong Kong, and the top chefs in Shanghai.

And a ginormous thanks to my pals and bros. at AMP the film makers I have been lucky enough to work with--that’s Along Mekong Productions. These guys do rock, Nervous Bernd, Mellow Rolf, Studious Manfred, Lounge Lizard Matt, Superwoman Elke, and down in New Zealand, it’s the world class Calm-cam Alok.

Eat and Enjoy,
Foodhunter Mark